Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last Shot by John Feinstein

Stevie Thomas is thrilled when he wins a trip to New Orleans and the basketball play-offs to cover the games as a student newspaper reporter. The only problem with the trip is that he has to work with the other contest winner, Susan Carol Anderson. Not only is she a girl, but she also is a fan of Duke University, the arch-rival of Stevie’s own favorite Philadelphia team, St. Joe’s.

Things heat up for the cub reporters when they overhear a conversation between star player Chip Graber and a suspicious-looking man in a charcoal gray suit. Immediately, Stevie and Susan Carol know what the conversation means—Chip Graber is being blackmailed, and the kids know they are the only ones who can help the superstar ballplayer at this stage of the game.

An interesting story, mixed with the knowledge of basketball and the play-offs, kept this book an interesting read. There was one instance of strong language.

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