Sunday, October 7, 2007

My Almost Epic Summer by Adele Griffin

Irene figures with both her friends away for the summer she will be the only one with a boring life. Fascinated by the hairstyles of famous novel heroines, Irene hopes the portraits she is drawing will help her when she opens her own hair salon someday, just like her mom.

But maybe Irene isn’t cut out to be a hairstylist; she can’t even keep her job working for Mom’s shop, and soon finds herself spending the summer as a babysitter for Evan and Lainie Prior. Her summer starts looking a whole lot better when she takes the kids to the local beach where Evan’s almost drowning introduces her to the crazy, but total knockout lifeguard who calls herself Starla.

“If only I could be like her,” Irene starts to dream. The question soon becomes, “Would I really want to be?”

This cute, light-hearted look a romance and summer vacation will be a welcome release in these freezing cold days of winter.