Sunday, November 4, 2007

River Secrets by Shannon Hale

In Goose Girl readers were introduced to the land of Bayern and characters who could control the elements of nature. Isi was able to control the wind, and reader’s learned in Enna Burning that Enna can control fire.

In this novel, their friend Razo fears that Enna’s power has caused the burned bodies he has found. Has she either broken her promise about the use of fire, or is she burning in her sleep? His quest to discover the truth about Enna leads him to discover the truth about himself.

Sent in a brigade of soldiers to accompany an ambassador on a peacekeeping mission to the Tiran capital, Razo learns his gift is to see and remember everything, making him an excellent spy. A touch of romance is added as Razo becomes friends with the ambassador’s daughter, Lady Dasha, who also has powers to control the elements of water.

Fans of the two previous novels will be excited to read this latest chapter, and also be happy to know that Hale is working on yet another book set in the world of Bayerne.

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